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The role of the principal is constantly changing. As our students change, leaders must also evolve to remain effective, instructional leaders. Even though the role of the principal is changing, there are some who see the principal as the stereotypical disciplinarian who sits in an office, waits for problems, and talks to students who make poor choices. Dive into real-life stories from these three principals as they recount their personal journeys as an administrator and the strategies of being a visible leader - out of the office and in classrooms. This book will provide practical ideas motivating all school administrators to get out of their office and become a real part of their school.

What are they saying about Principals In Action?

"This is the book I've been waiting for!  Principals in Action is a practical book that will inspire school leaders and remind them of their 'why.'   Principals don't build school culture in their office; they build it in the hallways, in the classrooms, in the cafeteria, and in the carpool line.  These authors get it! Mark French, Jay Posick, and Ryan Sheehy understand the value of relationships and the power of engaging with everyone in the building.  This is a book written by principals and for principals. It is full of ideas and strategies and will help any school leader reconnect with their purpose."

-Danny Steele, Educator, Author, and Speaker


“More than a book, this is a very accessible guide school leaders can use to grow. French, Posick, and Sheehy share practitioner-friendly stories that challenge and inspire. There’s so much to love in these pages, but what I appreciate most is knowing this book represents the power of us...and in that simple truth the heart of servant leadership beats strong.”

~Brad Gustafson, Award-Winning Principal and Author 


Jay, Ryan, and Mark have crafted a book that encapsulates the Principals in Action movement perfectly. They outline a blueprint to inspiring and connected leadership that will transform your learning community. I am a proud Principal in Action and I highly recommend this book to all leaders who are looking to raise their leadership to another level. Not only will you walk away with dozens of ideas, you will finish this book feeling blessed with three new friends and mentors.

-Allyson Apsey, elementary principal and author of Through the Lens of Serendipity 


“Being a principal can be the most satisfying job, but also a lonely one. "Principals in Action" is a resource that will make any school leader feel as if they have their tribe at their fingertips. Bringing the fun into the role with energizing challenges and stories, the book will help principals engage in activities that are meaningful and centered around stakeholders. From good news calls to having fun with kids, gone are the days of isolation for school leaders. Get ready to be inspired and change the way you lead!"

-Lynmara Colón, Director, Author, and Speaker


The role of a campus principal has evolved beyond measure. Having served as a principal, or a lead learner as I prefer to be called, for six years, I can truly acknowledge that being a principal is not the same as being a Principal in Action. Becoming a Principal in Action changed the trajectory of my leadership path. The mantra speaks for itself - Get Out of the Office - for that is truly where the magic happens. For anyone serving in a leadership capacity wanting to positively impact the culture and climate of a campus, Principals in Action is a must read; think of it as your guide to a hands-on approach to leading the way to support your students, staff and parents. I encourage you to join this group of change agents and difference makers; step off your island and connect; be the model for those you serve with and challenge yourself to complete the weekly tasks...and then be ready for the amazing transformation that will undoubtedly happen. Principals in Action will serve as a resource for me for years to come as I continue to mentor new administrators.

-Onica L. Mayers, Director, Human Resources & Forever Lead Learner


Being a principal can be a lonely position, but only if you let it. Mark, Jay and Ryan are just a few of the principals across the world with a connected Professional Learning Network that YOU can connect with to learn and grow with. Principals in Action is packed with their stories, inspiration, and great ideas to help you be a Principal in Action. 

-Jessica Johnson, Principal, Author, and Speaker


The modern day school principal position brings many unique challenges that are not aligned to leadership preparation programs. #PrincipalsInAction provides a roadmap to meet these challenges by increasing your positive engagement with staff and students. Jay, Mark, and Ryan do a great job giving insight and reflection into how these have been implemented in real schools, not just as a theory. New or experienced principals would really benefit from these leadership innovations. Read today!

-Andy Jacks, National Distinguished Principal from Virgina


Principals in Action is more than another school leadership book. It is a lasting testament for the purpose and passion of the principal gig all written by three sincere servant leaders. Mark French, Jay Postick and Ryan Sheehy bring their wisdom, expertise and learning a book that calls you to action. I sure wish that I had this book back when I was in "principal school." This power trio of author-principals takes the lessons they have shared at various conferences and Twitter chats and compiled into the book you are holding. Along the way, you will meet other leaders who are doing the work in service of schools. Mark, Jay and Ryan empower and inspire. This book is a true gift for school leadership and you will be inspired to action for years to come after reading Principals in Action. 

-Sean Gaillard, Principal and Author of The Pepper Effect


“Principals In Action" was for me what Kids Deserve It was for so many teachers...a game changer. Through Jay, Mark and Ryan's experiences, we learn valuable ideas and takeaways that we can implement in our schools tomorrow. It also challenges you to be engaged and break down the walls of your school to have a bigger impact. I especially enjoy that every chapter pushes us to take our passion for educational leadership and turn it into a win for students, staff and parents. If you don't know what it means to be a Principal In Action, I challenge you to read this book and watch your passion come to life for your school! 

-Kelley Begley McCall, Proud Principal of Clear Creek Elementary in Shawnee, KS


Being a principal can be a lonely and overwhelming job if we allow it to be because there are so many things that are not learned in "Principal School."  Principals in Action: Redefining the Role, addresses so many of the topics that make huge, positive impacts on school culture. It address the importance of finding balance as a school leader, finding joy and purpose in our day to day interactions, and learning how to let go of having to "know it all." Mark, Jay, and Ryan give you real-world examples and solutions on how to embrace help, ideas and leadership of the amazing people we have the honor of surrounding ourselves with at our school sites and through connections via mediums such as Voxer, Twitter, Instagram, etc. No matter how long you've been a principal, whether it be 1 month or 15 years, I guarantee you will find some golden nuggets of wisdom that you can apply tomorrow. Every chapter will get you excited to keep pushing yourself on the journey of being a "Principal in Action!

-Jessica Gomez, Proud Principal of Alice Birney Elementary


The principalship is an isolating position. We often see building leaders who burn out because the day to day stress has the tendency to take the joy out of the job. Principals in Action helps you find that joy through easy to do activities that help keep your focus on student and staff well being. From good news calls of the day to growing your PLN to developing a vision for the building, Principals in Action will help new and veteran leaders grow substantially!

-Joe Sanfelippo, Fall Creek Superintendent, author, and speaker #GoCrickets

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