"When you do what's right you can change the world and you can change the life of a child! Be the One for Kids is a wonderful, inspiring collection of experiences and practical opportunities that remind us to do what's right each and every day for kids. Join the movement and Be the One!"

The Relentless Principal - Hamish Brewer


One person can make a difference and that person can be you. "I want to show others that one person can make the difference in a child's life. I want all educators, parents, coaches, and everyone in between to know they have the power to Be the One for Kids."
Throughout Be The One For Kids, readers will get to experience real-life stories from my personal life, my life as a teacher in all three levels, and my journey as an administrator. Readers will experience emotions that are real in our kid's lives on a daily basis and will see my soul come to life on the pages. 


This book will take educators on a journey through stories and ways that they can simply enhance your teaching practices and build relationships. Our education system isn't perfect, however, everyone in the profession has the power to Be The One that changes it for kids.

















Praise For Be The One For Kids


"Do you want to be that teacher that students remember for a lifetime? Be The One for Kids will not only inspire and motivate, but will give you practical ideas to take back to the schoolhouse to build unforgettable relationships with students, parents, colleagues and community members."


-Beth Houf, Proud Principal and Co-Author of Lead Like a Pirate: Make School AMAZING for Your Students and Staff

"Be the One for Kids, by author Ryan Sheehy, is a powerful reminder for all of us about the importance of taking time to pause and enjoy the opportunities that we have been given to make a significant impact on all kids.  This book will take you on a journey and challenge you to become a better educator so that you too can be that one person that our children not only deserve but quite frankly, need in order to have the best chance for success."

Jimmy Casas, Senior Fellow; International Center for Leadership In Education, Educator, Author, Speaker.

"Ryan has created a masterpiece of motivation for educators by reminding us all of why we entered the profession. His insight on the simplicity of loving kids and loving what we do is inspiring and validating. It is a book that should be kept in sight so it can serve as a quick reference through its focused chapters, and will support our efforts to be the best we can be. Ryan’s book is a must for all educators, no matter their title. Whether you are a novice or have years of experience, it will speak to your teacher heart. It has certainly made an imprint on mine. "


Bethany Hill, Principal, and Lead Learner at Central Elementary, Cabot, Arkansas


"As a classroom teacher, education leader, and advocate for kids everywhere, I cannot give Be the One high enough praise. Ryan shares his personal stories, raw emotions, and experiences in relatable ways that make this book impossible to put down. You have the power inside you to change the world by helping all students feel successful, loved, and valued. This book serves as a guide for exactly how to do just that."


Kayla Delzer, Globally Awarded Teacher, Author, CEO: Top Dog Teaching Inc.